"SEK Flying Jazz"
Feb. 07, 1992-Feb. 07, 2007


Jazzy was our first baby, the sweetest, gentlest, most anxious to please, and silliest dog I've ever known.  He was never going to call 911 to save our lives, nor could he figure out how to find a milk bone hidden under a blanket.  He was just a big dumb happy bundle of love and affection.  He wasn't a cuddler; he liked his personal space, but he always needed one of us to be in sight, and he would keep his big brown eyes glued on us at all times.

He was the son of RB's Ruler (and grandson of Hall of Famer
and Secret Agent Mam. We can only imagine his farm and racing life but we do know he did well on the track until an injury retired him early.
Jazz's pedigree

These are a few of Jazzy's favorite things...
Smelly Cat, apple jacks, frito feet, soft things, bicycle seats, chattering, rooing and hooting, cockroaching, moony eyes, following Mommy from room to room, playing volleydog, stair climbing, pulling stuffing out of toys, giving us "the foot", daintily nipping peanuts in half without hurting anyone's fingers, throwing up on Christmas presents, propping his chin up on a toy, staring at the couch until someone moves the laundry basket out of his way, and stealing gloves and running away with them in the sunshine

My tribute to Jazzy, February 2007

The Jazzydog Gallery

Jazzy on papasan chair
Jazzy on the Half Shell?

Jazzy and friend Belle (Jazz is mad because the houseguests took all the good beds)

Jazz and Libby in 2004

Sleepy Jazzy

Jazzy in his Taz bonnet


1996 - just a baby

spring 2006, with bunny

playing with Smelly Cat, 1997

2004 - when there's no toy around, Mommy's shoe will do

Running free at the in-laws' house, 2000


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