Libby (NXS Glendora)
July 9, 1994-August 16, 2007

We adopted Libby two years after Jazz.  From the day we met her, it was clear that Libby had her own agenda and would do what she pleased.  She was terribly spoiled and disobedient, but we taught her how to fit into our family and she came to adore us as much as we adored her.  She was a girl who knew what she wanted and wasn't shy about taking it, whether it was food, hugs, attention, or space on the couch.  She left us entirely too soon, even at the end making her own decision about how she wanted to go.  There will never be another dog like Libby.

Sire: Tain Solas* (Ireland)
Dam: Peppered Grape
Adopted by us: May 1998
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Libby w/blue bow   Miss Libbyface was a sweet and funny lovey marshmallow dog who was also an infuriating brat.  One minute she would be posed serenely with paws crossed, and the next minute she would be lurking behind the dining room table and yipping, stamping her feet for attention.  She liked to visit us at the couch, pretending to be asking for pets but really rolling her eyes to sneak peeks at anything edible that might be on the coffee table.  She loved to have her face and neck rubbed, but if we messed with her ears she clamped them shut.  Libby wasn't the most beautiful dog, though she got prettier as she got older and her coloring softened.  She had some of the longest fur I've ever seen on a greyhound, very soft and pettable, and cold weather never fazed her.  When we got her, we joked that she was our bubble-butted, pigeon-toed, snaggle-toothed dog but we loved her anyway.  Food was one of her greatest joys, which made it especially hard when she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and couldn't have people-food anymore.  Not content to have one serious (but manageable) illness, she also developed laryngeal paralysis and had throat surgery in December 2006.  She recovered like a champ, and loved the attention as we fed her canned food with a spoon until her throat healed.  The surgery caused her to lose her voice, so all she could do was bark in a whisper afterwards.

Libby missed Jazz terribly after we lost him.  We hoped to have a couple more years with her, and to get another dog to keep her company.  She started to decline rather quickly in July, still happy and affectionate but not eating much and sometimes losing her balance.  In August we knew we'd have to make a decision soon, but she had other ideas and went fairly quietly at home.  Her loss left the house empty and quiet, and we miss her very much.  She and Jazz share the tree in the backyard, our pretty babies together forever.

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Valiant watchdog?  Ha!  Probably just hoping for a treat.

This can't be comfortable...

Greyhound p 0 r n

Libby and Junior

A knack for knowing what Mommy is trying to take a picture of...and eating it

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