Colorado Trip 2004

Day 4

After our partially free breakfast in the hotel restaurant, we said goodbye to the magpies and headed back towards Denver, stopping at the Air Force Academy along the way. Not a bad place to go to school, except of course for the wars and killing and stuff. We visited their chapel, designed by the same Walter Netsch who made the UIC campus a windowless concrete prison. The chapel is beautiful, with lots of touches that suggest the acute triangle shapes of plane wings and tails. It also reflects the shape of the mountain range behind it, although that may be unintentional. The academy also had more soccer fields than I've ever seen in one place.

A B-52 near the USAFA entrance

In Castle Rock, we got pulled over by Officer Friendly for not stopping at a stop sign on our way to Dairy Queen (yes, two Dairy Queens in one weekend!). He let us off with a warning about safety blah blah blah, and we wondered whether it even matters if people who live in a no-points state get points on their license in another state.

Finally, back to Denver to wander lost in the airport for a while, and eventually arrive in Chicago, where the humidity was a welcome sensation on our poor parched skin, at least for the first five minutes or so.

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