Chapter the First: Pictorial Tour

Family & Friends, page 2

Mark and Diane, Bellagio, Sept 2002
The Author and her husband outside the Bellagio, the casino that's fun to say!

The Author huggles her babies and freaks them out a bit. They like it. Diane and Jazz and Libby, Sept 2002

Homecoming 2002
Sinfonians and such, Alma College Homecoming, September 2002.

Mitzi and Mandy, being compulsively adorable. Mitzi and Mandy, Sept 2002

Mini Holo-Con Sept 2002
Assorted HoloMuck people at the Rio in Las Vegas, September 2002.

McC family portrait, circa 1997, South Shore Country Club:  Diane, Mark, and Jazz
family pic

Requisite goofy childhood pics...

mmm, chocolate 
Here, I am composing my great opus,
for xylophone and plastic toy-thingie.

It's never too early to get started on your
chocolate addiction.
And note clever reuse of pretty yellow dress!

When I grew up, I was going to be... Batgirl!

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