Chapter the First: Pictorial Tour

Family & Friends

The Author's husband, and his sister, who surprisingly looks nothing like him.

The Author's children, who surprisingly look nothing like either the Author or her husband, except possibly around the nose.
The Author's little sister Mitzi, who thinks the Author's hair makes an awfully good chew toy.
This is the Author. You don't want to mess with her!
The Author, her mom, and her grandma living it up in Las Vegas
The Author's husband, hanging out with Arnold (Arnold is the one on the left)

M&D at the Dells
The Author and husband after a fine breakfast at the Wisconsin Dells.

Little Mitzi, all grown up, with new sister Mandy
Are we cute or what?

The Author herself! The Author, by herself for a change! What is she smiling about??

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