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Saturday, October 04, 2008


I'm in the process of listing this blog with Blotanical, which hopefully will be the push I need to keep it up to date. It's a bad time of year for taking photos, since the summer-blooming plants are already going black and crunchy, but there should be migratory birds, picturesque snow scenes, and greyhound sightings a-plenty for a few months. And then: spring!

Anyway, if you're finding this through a Blotanical search, welcome and I promise to have more content in the future. And if you're finding it because you're the 10000000th person to search for photos of sky-blue asters, well, welcome to you as well :)


Blogger garden girl said...

Hi Diane, I'm glad to find your blog through Blotanical! Welcome, from a fellow Chicago-area garden blogger. I'll add you to my Chicago-area garden bloggers blog roll. I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

6:39 PM  

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