The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 9
Last updated:  3 July 2006

Generation 10!!!

I can't believe I finally made it. It's not all smooth sailing yet, though... that darned twin gene...

Zelda and Zaidi, the doublemint twins (except Zaidi has *two* buns in the oven!)

Zelda and Bruce's baby Troy

Zaidi and David's girl Topanga...

and their boy Tom (definitely Zaidi's kid!)

Troy again (I'm getting tired of taking pictures and writing captions; can you tell?)



Meanwhile... Zelda and Bruce had another baby, a girl named Trillian. This filled the house to capacity, so Eliza decided to move to a swingin' singles pad Downtown. While I was at it, I decided to start dismantling the Paula House and relocating the families to less buggy lots. First I had to pick up all the items I can't repurchase (the photos!); next I will build a cemetery and put all the graves from both lineages in it. Finally, I get to build new houses, always my favorite part.

Back at Zachary's house - baby Tawnia is growing up. I entirely neglected to get any pictures of her until she reached this stage:

Kristin has been feeling a little nauseous. Is a brother or sister on its way?