The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 8
Last updated:  23 June 2006

Generation 10 Prelude

In preparation for Gen. 10, I had to rejoin the two lineages back together. The Gen. 9 kids are seventh cousins, which is far enough apart that it shouldn't be icky. (If I had paid closer attention in my pop gen class, I could calculate their inbreeding coefficients for you.)

I decided to be efficient and plan a massive triple wedding, which might be cool and will more likely be a huge disaster. The set has been built; now we just need to wait for some engagements to happen.

First, some pictures:







Worst. Birthday. Ever: Kristin's teen-to-adult party is spoiled by her father's ghost-related death. "Daaaaad! You're embarrassing me!!" she says.

And now, engagement pictures:

Zaidi and David

Zelda and Bruce

Kristin and Zachary

And now... the wedding of the year! It didn't go perfectly smoothly but I rather liked how the evening ultimately turned out.

The Generation Nine Wedding

The day begins with inspecting the wedding site, a lot I built just for this purpose.

Plenty of champagne and cake would be needed! Bruce confides that he's bought a present for Zelda. Zachary thinks, "Crap, was I supposed to get Kristin something?"

David checks out the DJ booth.

Okay, enough of that. Let's get down to business!

Many vows are exchanged.

Piles of Brokaws! L-R: Eliza, Maxine, Hayden, Lincoln, Vincent, Ashley, Logan, Zelda, Bruce, and Zachary. Not pictured: Megan. (There were timing issues with the simultaneous ceremonies; the guests only would sit for the one who arranged the party, so this shot is during David and Zaidi's ceremony. I had to exit w/o saving a few times to get the pictures I wanted.)

Kristin and Zachary...awww

Zelda and Bruce try to be all serious while Zaidi and David run amok with pillows.

The champagne flows freely. We actually forgot all about the cakes. Oops.

Wedding smustle! Plus: crashers (a recently cloned Paula, in pink, and you can just see Kelly behind Zaidi. They were actually part of the "you built a new lot!" welcoming committee). Zelda copes by chugging from the bottle.

Run for the limo!!!!

How do you fit six people into a limo? Not easily.


On the return trip, Zaidi has to sit in front.

Now that the guests are all gone, the wedding couples have the lot to themselves. Without a care in the world, they proceed to have their own party that goes until sunrise...

David and Zaidi are being cutesy. Zelda and Bruce are embarrassed for them.

The Paula House heirs discuss the reception and agree it was a resounding success!

Yes, David, you got married. We know.

The Peter House heirs

And then the sun sets and the dancing begins...

A little champagne fuel

Just before sunrise... and David's ride for work is here already. The magical night comes to an end.

Now, they can't all live on the wedding lot, because that would just be weird. I moved Zachary and Kristin into Maxine's house, and the twinses into Eliza's house (where she was very lonely after Amin died). A day later we had three sets of lullaby bells. Here comes Gen. 10!