The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 7b
Last updated:  12 June 2006

Generation 9, in the Peter House:
Zachary, Zelda and Zaidi

Maxine and Hayden's first baby, Zachary

"What do you mean, Eliza had twin boys???  I don't want another baby!"  Too bad.


Logan grows up, spirals into aspiration failure, and moves out, taking mom Meghan and dad Charlie Gray (a recent move-in) with him.  Someday I'll put them in a house, break Meghan and Jeff's engagement, and marry her to the now MUCH-younger Charlie, who in Sim-years is the same age as his son.

Logan et al. left none too soon!  The urge to split the ol' plumbob hits Maxine while she's trying to take a relaxing bath.  Sorry, Maxine, there will be no relaxing for you for a long, long time...

...because the Twin Gene has struck the Brokaws again.  Stupid Sim irony: just when I can see the light at the end of the Legacy tunnel, TPTB give me twins in *both* families.  At least this time I got two girls: Zelda (l) and Zaidi (r).  The Gen 10 possibilities have increased greatly!

Zachary becomes a toddler - I think he has one of those prematurely wise baby-faces.

Zelda, Zaidi, and Zachary - three toddlers at once.  ARGH!
Jeff Langerak's genes show through loud and clear, and two of the three have Maxine's old skin tone, which hopefully is not corrupt.

Zaidi and Zelda

Hayden glows while watching his son turn his young mind to mush

Zelda - so pretty! - in her Slytherin uniform

Zachary and Rex (Mary Jane and Count Spencer's kid)

Zaidi looks totally different from her siblings and though she has only 25 personality points to their 35 apiece, she seems to be the most well-adjusted of the lot.

Zelda as a teen - she rolled Fortune and wants to earn 100,000 simoleons.

Zaidi as a teen - she rolled Popularity and has more lips than any four people need. Yikes!!

The matchups for the parents of Generation 10 occurred with little input from me...

Kristin and Zachary

Bruce and Zelda

David and Zaidi

Aren't arranged marriages great?!

Next up: Generation 10, new houses, bulldozing, and perhaps a community cemetery...