The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 6
Last updated:  12 June 2006

Generation 9, in the Paula House:
Bruce, David and Kristin

Oh, hallelujah, it's the final generation for which I need to find a spouse!!  I can't believe it's taken me six months to get to this point!  If only I'd spent all that time working on something productive.  Oh well :)

So Eliza needs a boyfriend.  I sent her Downtown to scope the various hangouts, but her reaction to rooms full of hot young men was invariably "Eh."  But then.  But then!  A waiter at Red's caught her eye, a waiter with the improbable name of Amin Fleig, a kindly and funny gentleman with bizarre coloring, a good nose (a must!), and a raging sweet tooth.  Her own father was a waiter, so Eliza has a soft spot for them.  Could this work out?

Eliza tries hard not to notice Amin shoveling handfuls of baked Alaska into his face.

Eliza moved Amin into the Paula House so she could take charge of his appearance and lifestyle.  One makeover later, Amin became this Fabio-like hunk o' man:

The baby came soon.  No... *babies*.  Crap.  And of course they were both boys, and Maxine's baby was a boy, so now it's a race to see who has the girl.

Grandpa Andrew holds Bruce, and Maxine holds David.  Both babies are fixating on Distant Relation Alex for some reason.

The Chocolate Fabio with Baby Bruce.  No question about that paternity!

Bruce being ironic

David doing the chicken dance

Well, heck, since Maxine had two girls and a boy, the least we can do is even things out.  Here a pregnant Eliza risks her baby's life on the electro-dance sphere.

Trouble in paradise:  Eliza kept catching Connie and Amin flirting with each other.  After prolonging Connie's life with elixir, I started to wish she would just die because she was ruining her daughter's marriage!

Kristin Brokaw:  the LAST of the Brokaw legacy babies!

Amin teaches Kristin to walk like a man

David and Bruce as teenagers.  David is a Pleasure Sim, Bruce is Fortune.  No figuring out who the heir will be:  they're all heirs!

Light as a feather, stiff as a board... Connie levitates in the kitchen.  Her feet creep me out.

Kristin is not exactly athletic

I began to orchestrate the pairings for the future Generation 10. Kristin and Zachary are a given, but I didn't know about Bruce and David, Zelda and Zaidi. And frankly, it didn't matter much, since I like Kristin and Zack best anyway. :P

So here is how it is working out:

David and Zaidi, who are both a little wild and like to dance and play and sneak out

Bruce and Zelda, who are quieter and very romantic

Kristin and Zachary, who became best friends even when Kristin was just a kid and the teenaged Zack came over to see her brothers.

Just a couple of funny pictures from David and Zaidi's first date. Mrs. Crumplebottom likes to get involved; she must be lonely.