The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 6b
Last updated:  19 May 2006

Generation 8, in the Peter House:
Maxine and Logan

An elder Leona, a world-famous Celebrity Chef, serenely dabbles in the arts.

The Peter House is slowly getting buggy.  In the back yard, most animations take place a few squares from the object being interacted with.  Also, something in the yard keeps making people leap in surprise, though the invisible object they're reacting to is different each time.  Here, Ashley is shocked by... a card?

...and Charlie Gray trims hedges that are actually way over by the cemetery moat.  I wish I could do my gardening by remote control!

This is Maxine, the daughter of Meghan Brokaw and Jeff Langerak.  She looks a bit like her dad, including having huge earlobes that hopefully she'll grow into.  Jeff and Meghan are engaged but are holding off on a wedding because, you know, Romance Sims...

Maxine Brokaw:  58649 = 32

What was I saying about Romance Sims?  And what *is* it with these gardeners?!  And yes, there is a baby, and his name is Logan.

Meanwhile, Kelly grows up and immediately moves the heck out of this crazy house.  She takes her mom Ashley with her, because Ashley cries non-stop and I was getting tired of hearing it (I have trouble keeping Pleasure Sims happy).

Meghan tries to talk Kelly into staying, mostly because Meghan needs a full-time babysitter.  Kelly conceals her laughter.

So, I bought Kelly and Ashley a tiny house in Pleasantview, and they started to get to know the neighbors.  Kelly, a Family Sim, was in a hurry to get pregnant, so she called the Matchmaker and paid full price for a date.  Imagine her surprise (and mine!) when Mortimer Goth fell from the sky!

The date did not go well.

I'm skeptical of this whole Matchmaker thing.  Kelly was back at square one, plus she had this red-sweatered jerk stealing her paper and knocking over her trashcan.  She soon struck up a friendship with Ivy Copur, and we'll see where it leads...


Maxine plays with Sims of her own

Dramatic pinball shot... oooooh

Meghan picks a fight with the woman from the restaurant

Oh, the irony!  The ageing-up Logan sucks Kacper's life force.

Meghan is proud of her creation, which appears to be burning yellow fabric with slices of sausage.

Logan as a child

Maxine is a totally hot teen.  She has learned the secret to gourmet cooking:  sprinkle salt and pepper on everything.

Leona sits quietly and misses Kacper.  Or maybe I was just trying to get an artsy picture.

Meghan talked fiance Jeff Langerak (Maxine's dad) into moving in; the wedding may or may not ever happen.  Hopefully the squinty eyes will not reemerge in the next generation!

A few days later, we moved Jeff out.  He was boring.  :P

A random glitch messed up Maxine's custom skin, or  maybe she just likes to study until she's blue in the (floating)face?  I had to recolor her to a Maxis default and lose the "light Asian" tone that suited her so well.  Sigh.

Another glitch: boyfriend Sean Davison, after I cheated him into a new hairstyle, sort of... disappeared.

Oh, good, he's back!  But no lightning bolts.  Sorry, Seany-boy.

How about this guy for whom Maxine has two lightning bolts?  "Did you SEE his nose??"  Yeah, sorry.

Now, *this* guy... under all that hair and green glass, does a Legacy-worthy genome lurk?

As is shown by this entirely non-suggestive photo, yes, yes it does :)  Mraawr!!

The wedding of Maxine Brokaw and Hayden Midlock was an informal affair in the backyard of the Peter House.

Hayden celebrated by coughing up a lung.

The guest list:  Kelly Brokaw, Samuel Brokaw, Ashley Brokaw, Alex Brokaw, Logan Brokaw, Vincent Brokaw, and Eliza Brokaw. (Leona's in the cemetery - I totally don't remember when she died.)  Meghan must be off taking care of the baby.  More on the baby later.

Nothing says "love" like whacking your new spouse with a pillow.

A picturesque moment as we fade out on Generation 8 - pillow fights, bonfires, ghosts, and a hot tub.