The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 6
Last updated:  14 May 2006

Generation 8, in the Paula House:
Eliza and Lincoln

Someone for everyone: monkey-lipped Samuel finds love in the love tub with Arcadia Platz.

Nono, Samuel, you have to scrape that jello into the trash *before* putting the dish in the dishwasher.

Karaoke-cam! Um...yeah.

Vincent gets another makeover. The facial hair helps hide the family monkey lips.

A dramatic perspective on death: what Martin's death by, ahem, accidental electrocution looked like to Death's lungs.

Samuel, however, was more mechanically apt and managed to actually fix the thing successfully. Rats.

No wonder the house is always a mess!

Samuel and Arcadia had a lovely wedding...

Arcadia brought the family 14,000 simoleons and a fertile uterus. She and Samuel are both Family sims in the military track. It must be fate!

Connie and Andrew's baby Eliza finally grew up into a more interesting toddler. Connie decided that a formal party was the perfect time for mucking around in the bathwater.

Family Sims! ARGH!

Eliza is cute so far...

...and is frequently airborne.

Samuel and Arcadia's baby, Lincoln, is a bit of a toilet dabbler.

Eliza as a teen.  Creepy Uncle Vincent finds her hot.  Ick.

After Connie fulfilled her LTW as Chief of Staff, I set her on the path to becoming a Mad Scientist.  Along the way, she maxed out all skills, my first Sim to accomplish that.  What a good girl!

Eliza, all grown up.  Who wants to marry her?  Anyone? Anyone?

Andrew rubs his hands maniacally while waiting for his Mayor-copter to lift off.

Connie plays dead in the pool.

Connie with new hair works on Eliza's Heiress portrait while Eliza provides soothing painting music.

Andrew and Mary-Sue sing a song titled "How Many Mayors Does One City Need, Anyway?"